Saturday, 20 September 2014

Loving the J Crew

Well I think it is safe to say that I have failed my no buying September challenge. I don't even think I can be blamed, first Boden go and slash their sale prices to am all time low and I would have been stupid not to stock up on some bit for the twins for next summer. And clothes for them doesn't really count anyway. Ok, ok I may have selected a couple of bargains for myself as well..whoops!

Secondly my friend has been to LA with work. He kindly offered to bring back some bits for me and so I sent him with a list of things from my favourite US shop, J Crew. We have one here as well now on Oxford Street but it is so crazily expensive by comparison it pains me to buy anything knowing it will be so much cheaper there. Top of my list were these sweatpants that they are showing more dressed up with heels and look amazing but it's not really an everyday look for me so I'm wearing them with an old old old Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and the silver Topshop pumps. I think this really works as a casual look and they are really comfy. 

He managed to pick up a few other bargains as well, dresses from Banana Republic, another favourite and good old Gap too. A couple of bargain tees and a statement necklace from J Crew as well. I'm sure I will be showing them on here at some point. 

I may have mentioned before that I really do not like leggings! Or at least I thought I didn't. I disliked them on everyone, thought they looked horrid and unflattering on all and would never consider them. For some reason this week I decided to give some Sainsbury's ones a try and I am converted. I love them! They are thick and comfy and practical and look cute too. I take it all back leggings and I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time! They seem to go with everything in my wardrobe although I wore them with a simple white tshirt this week.

Just testing the water a bit with this one but I have a tonne of things I am currently selling on a Facebook page and am wondering if I should post any on the blog? I've seen it work on other blogs, would this be something anyone is interested in?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

New trainers

Today felt like a more casual day, I did some housework in the morning and then met my friend for a run at Attenborough Nature Reserve. I haven't ran for about 3 and half weeks so wasn't looking forward to it but was happy to do 5 miles with reasonable times. I decided that my running trainers really have had it though and although I'm not spending money on clothes in September I reasoned that these were more a necessity than a want. I have been thinking about it for a few weeks and took a trip to Decathlon yesterday and ended up with these lovelies...

I decided to wear my fabulous Maharishi trousers, they are so comfy and soft and the best 'casual' trouser I own. I cannot recommend them enough. It's like wearing pjs all day! I wore them with a pink to from White Stuff and a Gap jumper.

Tomorrow I'm off to town with my Mum and Catherine for the ultimate test of will power. No shopping for me!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hot pink

I love this fabulous punk necklace and think that it works well with this striped Joules tee. I wore this with some jeans from Sainsburys. I haven't bought any clothes for me from here before but they recently had 25% off clothing and I picked up these jeans! a pink jumper and some great Chelsea boots and am really impressed with them.

The second outfit is a dress I got recently from Topshop. I never really shop here either but I was in Outfit where there are a number of shops within one and Topshop is one of them. I saw this dress and it is very 'me' I think it will work well with tights as we move into the autumn as well. Today I wore it with a long sleeved Gap tshirt.

Bicester bargain

I am so guilty of forgetting what I actually own and never using things, this was a typical example of this. I bought this beautiful Coach bag at Bicester Village a few weeks ago, it was an amazing bargain. I paid £159 for it and it was originally priced at £450! I absolutely love the salmony colour which actually seems to work with most things, despite being a colour it works really well as a neutral. Here I have teamed it with some simple grey jeans from Next. I really like these, the are from their everyday range and were only £26 and a great fit. 

I wore a navy sweater from KIN at john Lewis and some simple ballet pumps that I have had for ages from Tesco.


The September challenge

I have decided not to buy any clothes for the whole of September. I really don't need anything new and have, as usual, treated myself to a few bits post pay day! Very naughty and unnecessary. So, I wondered if I could manage with no shopping for a month, really, how hard can it be?! I will keep you posted. This includes the twins as well, they have more new clothes than me I think.

In the mean time I am pleased to see that the sunshine seems to be back. This week is meant to be nice in Nottingham at least. I had packed away mine and the twins summer clothes but have got them back out again to make the most of the remaining summer. 

Last night I spend a fabulous evening with my lovely friend Natalie. We were both child free for once and decided to treat ourselves to a night out. We went to Bills in town for a great meal. This place is great, they serve really nice, well priced food. I had the ribs! The breakfast there looks amazing too, something that I definitely want to try. We then headed to the Boiler Maker cocktail bar, we were lucky enough to get a table pretty quickly. In true classy style we then got the last bus home,can't beat it!

Last night I wore a Whistles dress that I sourced off eBay last year and have worn a handful of times, I really love it. I also wore my amazing Whistles heels that kill my feet and cost me a fortune but I don't care as they are beautiful. I experimented with a hot red lip as well!